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Frutta Bowls Debuts First US Walmart Location

September 16, 2021

Frutta Bowls was featured on IFA – regarding our 1st Walmart Ghost Kitchen Brands location in the US – Rochester, NY. 

WOWorks, the parent company of health-centric fast-casual brands Saladworks, Frutta Bowls, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh and The Simple Greek, has debuted its first location in a Walmart Grocery store in Rochester, NY at 2150 Chili Ave. The Ghost Kitchen location will include Saladworks, the nation’s leading fast-casual entrée salad franchise, and Frutta Bowls, the nation’s fastest-growing superfoods café, right alongside other mouthwatering brands. This opening comes after WOWorks signed a deal for 90 non-traditional retail presences with Ghost Kitchen Brands in the spring of this year. 

Saladworks currently has over 150 locations across North America, more than 40 of those having opened in the past year. For Saladworks, the initiative to open restaurants in non-traditional venues began in early 2019 and continues to be at the forefront of its future goals. Frutta Bowls, which has over 30 locations, is also following suit with an emphasis on both traditional and non-traditional growth after becoming part of the WOWorks family in December 2020.

“We’re thrilled to make yet another debut for Saladworks inside a major retailer, and the first for Frutta Bowls. These partnerships have proven to be incredible opportunities for WOWorks, and we’re looking forward to the growth that will come out of this opening,” said Eric Lavinder, Chief Development officer for WOWorks. “Guests continue to receive the same hospitality and healthy experience they have at our stand-alone restaurants, but with even more accessibility and convenience at Walmart locations.”

Saladworks provides guests a variety of healthy and delicious items through their Signature salad options, as well as Create-Your-Own options, which include salads, wraps, grain bowls, soups and more. The brand always maintains a focus on guest originality through its array of over 60 fresh, flavorful and healthy ingredients.

Frutta Bowls represents more than just a meal or snack to sate an appetite for the moment – it serves as “fuel” that stimulates your mind, energizes your body, lifts your spirit and feeds your soul. The menu features customizable Bowls, Smoothies, and Protein Bites that are packed with vitamin-rich superfoods such as Acai, Pitaya and Kale that are high in antioxidants along with Almonds, Blueberries, Oatmeal and Dark Chocolate to help boost immunity levels.

In addition to simply ordering in-person at the Walmart locations, Saladworks and Frutta Bowls guests will also have the choice to order online through the brands’ websites, by using the Ghost Kitchen Brands website or using 3rd party delivery platforms. For more information about Saladworks, visit, and for more information about Frutta Bowls, visit

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